Ratha and Thistle-Chaser

Ratha and Thistle-Chaser

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Among the joys of this series are the well-observed feline protagonists who chew at fleas and sense first with their noses, all the while observing their primitive world with acuity and catlike humor. Skilled readers of fantasy who demand excellent craftsmanship, complex characters, a compelling plot, and fresh insights into family and society will be more than satisfied with this powerful novel.

—School Library Journal

As with the others in the series, this can be read as an allegory; it also stands on its own as intriguing, well-written fantasy/adventure.

—Kirkus Reviews

Maimed and traumatized by a childhood incident too frightening to remember, a solitary cat named Newt struggles to survive, haunted by nightmares of a huge monster she calls the Dreambiter. In spite of the trauma, Newt lives a peaceful life in harmony with the sea creatures of her ocean beach.

When the Named arrive on her beach in search of a temporary refuge from drought, Newt clashes with Ratha, leader of the Named, over the sea animals that Newt protects. The two cats have more in common than either of them suspects, and to resolve the present, Ratha and Newt must face the demons of the past.


  • ALA Best Books for Young Adults

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Ages 12 and up
261 pages

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