Ratha's Creature: The First Book of the Named

Ratha's Creature: The First Book of the Named

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"...the setting is richly realized, characters have vitality and credibility both as felines and as intelligent beings, and the theme of rebellion cum advancement is brilliantly developed, making this a powerful, moving, and memorable story that will draw readers right in and hold them to the final page."

—Booklist, Starred Review

Ratha is a young herder of the Named, a clan of intelligent prehistoric wild cats who keep deer and horses. The Named fight for survival against Un-Named cats, enemies who raid clan herds. Meoran, leader of the Named, claims that the Un-Named are no more intelligent than herd animals, and Ratha believes him, until a clash with an Un-Named raider who taunts her in Named speech forces her to question everything.

Then Ratha tames a power that could upset everything. Threatened by her discovery, the tyrannical clan leader banishes her from the clan. Can a young clan herder who doesn't know hunting, use her new "creature" to survive in exile?

"Powerfully written, the reader is immediately enveloped in a vividly recreated past world that could have easily be happening now or in the future.... Despite the turbulence of life around her, Ratha is portrayed with such sensitivity that her very fears, thoughts, frustrations and anxieties are humanly comprehensible."

—Language Arts


This is the new Imaginator Press edition featuring cover art by Lew Lashmit.

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