Ratha's Challenge

Ratha's Challenge

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In this fourth volume of the series, Bell continues to explore themes of culture, politics, individuation, and family relations, all through the eyes of a riveting set of characters. Readers who have already come to care for Ratha and Thistle will be swept into this new confrontation that brings the strained relations between the commanding Ratha and her outsider daughter to a dramatic climax.... But those who like fantasy or cats will fall under the spell of the vivid descriptions of their society, life on the veldt, and the struggle of a daughter to grow up, despite the damage done to her in early childhood.

—School Library Journal

The writing is smooth, and the characters, each with a distinctive voice, are well-developed ... overall, readers will find enough suspense, adventure, and even romance to satisfy them.


The Named believe that they are the only cats who can think and speak, so they are shocked and intrigued to discover a mammoth-hunting tribe of cats who also speak. The other tribe, united in a kind of group mind, is so different that understanding them appears impossible, and conflict threatens. Should Ratha increase her efforts to talk to these strange cats, or should she destroy them with the Red Tongue so the Named can take their mammoths? Ratha’s daughter Thistle-chaser, has strange gifts that could lead to a solution, but she can’t do it alone. Mother and daughter must challenge the darkness of their shared past before they can work together.

This is the new Imaginator Press edition featuring cover art by Lew Lashmit.

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252 pages

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