Halfway There!

Hi everyone, from Clare Bell. I wanted to personally thank all of our 94 backers and I hope you're enjoying the art development sneak peeks and other perks. We just hit 50% funding in the last hour! You are helping me realize the very long-held dream of bringing the Named series to a new generation of readers and fans. [See the Kickstarter project here.]

Today, electronic graphic technology has made people more visually-oriented than they were a generation ago, which is why we are moving into this new medium. We certainly intend to continue with the books, for those who have loved them. We also have pledged to keep the graphic novel as close as possible to Ratha's Creature, and any of the sequels we adapt.

I would also like to thank those who might not have been able to pledge at this point, but who have spread the word by contributing to the "Ratha's Challenge" art challenge gallery, or telling friends about the Kickstarter.

The Artist Dream Team, Sheila, and I are continuing work and publicity for the project, and here's what you will see in the upcoming days:

Dani Long is penciling madly on Bonechewer, and doing video screen capture as she goes, so that we'll have footage for another video. She has already sent footage to Sheila, who is our video editor/creator.

Tod will also be coloring the Bonechewer model sheet and videoing as he goes, so that you can see how his process of watercolor and colored pencil works.

Sheila Ruth will edit the footage into a Bonechewer art creation music video. The Bard in Green, who composed music for the present Kickstarter video, also composed a Bonechewer theme, which we'll be using for the Bonechewer music video. We are hoping to have that up soon.

Dani Long and Tod Wills are completing Bonechewer and Fessran character model sh eets, and we'll be doing public art posts from those, as we did with Thakur. Backers will get more art development sneak peaks, possibly including more video. If you enjoyed the peek at the process of developing Fessran, you should really like this.

Tod Wills has an art show up in his hometown local cafe! He also has fliers with the sample art page picture and the Kickstarter link. If you are in the Seattle area, go see it!

The Black Drop Coffee Shop
300 W. Champion St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 738-3767

I have done an "establishing shot panorama" storyboard for the first page of the graphic novel, and four more following panels that lead up to the sample page that you saw.

Lew Lashmit is painting the panorama based on the storyboard. He is fantastic with animal anatomy, light, coloring, and more, so I look forward to seeing what he does with this.

In between breaks from doing coloring on the model sheets, Tod Wills wants to do layouts based on these new storyboard pages. He's going to be one bizzzzy kitty if he does all that!

We are continuing to develop Ratha, the other Named cats, and the various prehistoric creatures in model sheets and comic pages.

If you're excited about this project, please spread the word on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Fur Affinity, Deviant Art, and other sites. Make comments, do fan art, urge others to pledge, email friends, etc. If you are already a backer, please consider upping your pledge amount.

Many Ratha-licks and nuzzles,