Support your local bookseller and get an autographed bookplate!

Booksellers do more than sell books; they are often as much about community as they are about commerce. Get to know your local bookseller, and you'll find a friend who can recommend books, a community of readers, a friendly place to meet or just have a cup of coffee, and, of course, books of all types, including ebooks.

To encourage everyone to get to know your local bookseller and be a part of its community of readers, Clare Bell, author of the Named series, will send an autographed and kitty-doodled bookplate to anyone who buys a book from a local bookseller during the month of December.

Here's what you have to do to claim your free bookplate:

  1. Visit a bookstore from December 20-31 and buy a book—any book, not just a Named book.
  2. Take a picture of the bookstore or yourself at the bookstore.
  3. Find someone who works in the store or is an owner or manager of the store, and ask them their name.
  4. Send your picture, the name of the bookstore, and the name of the employee/owner that you met, to We'll also need the address where we should send your bookplate!

This offer is good at any bookstore, chain or independent, but it has to be a physical store and you have to visit it in person. (Online purchases don't count!)

By sending us your picture, you give us permission to post it as part of our salute to booksellers.