Clan Ground

Clan Ground

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This is a page-turner—full of suspense and action—that will be enthusiastically welcomed by Ratha’s admirers.


When Ratha admits an Un-Named stranger to the clan, he brings a change as great as Ratha’s taming of fire. Does the orange-eyed newcomer understand the power of Ratha’s fire-creature—and the hearts of her people—better than she does? Worship and control of fire may strengthen the Named and expand their domain, yet subjugation to the Red Tongue’s tyranny threatens to diminish them. The herding teacher, Thakur, offers a gentler alternative, but dare Ratha try it? Her choice will determine the future of the clan—and her own place in it.


This is the new Imaginator Press edition featuring cover art by Lew Lashmit.

Ages 12 and up
308 pages

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