The Breezes of Inspire

The Breezes of Inspire

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In The Dark Dreamweaver, David traveled to the land of dreams and became a wizard. Now, he and his cousins accidentally plunge into the land of Inspire—and become trapped in a world where they aren't welcome. But Inspire is in trouble, and the five children, along with one plucky stuffed bear, go on a perilous quest to try to save Inspire and find their way home. Fans of The Dark Dreamweaver will revisit old friends and make new and exciting discoveries in this ‘inspiring’ story about friendship, nature, and magic.


  • American Booksellers Association Book Sense Pick
  • ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award finalist
  • Hollywood Book Festival finalist
  • Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award: top 20 of 2006

263 pages (Hardcover)
Ages 8-14

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